Saturday, September 29, 2012

Taking your clay to Our Blessed Mother

I obviously am a terrible blogger, 2 posts and I'm done. Well I guess I did have a baby not too long since the last post so I guess I can give myself a break. Anyways....

Though I have not been blogging, I have been searching for possible topics to write about. It's been hard to come up with things. At ages 3, 1 1/2, and 2 months what can you do to form them into little God loving people? We say meal, morning, and bed time prayers and take them with us to church. Our 3 year old knows how to say the Hail Mary, Our Father, Glory Be, and Saint Michael prayer. The 1 1/2 is catching on quickly... (sorry for bragging I am just so impressed and proud and I did nothing it was all my husband's doing). Again anyways...

Finally some divine inspiration came my way. Our Lady of Guadalupe's missionary picture has been traveling around for a while now, and recently it was in my area. Sadly, I was not able to visit the picture, but a friend of mine was and she told me that she dedicated her children to Mary there. And there it was my next step for this rock building I am trying to do, give them back to their true Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary! I know my husband dedicate our first child when he was born, but dedicating our children to Mary never resonated with me until about a week ago. 

Then I wondered what there was to this dedication stuff. It seems like some that should be a big deal. Maybe not something to throw a party for, but a lasting thing, big commitment. Something with daily prayer requirements or I don't know but something! Actually, it is quite simple you can even just say something to the affect of, "Bless Mother I consecrate "so&so" to you, please look after them and care for them, especially when  I can not." You can also find some more elaborate dedication prayers online. Honestly how simple is that? There is only so much you can do at young ages and most of it is over their heads, but dedicating your child's life to Mary or Jesus is something you can do at any age. I personally am going to take sometime to do it this weekend.

For anyone looking for a better dedication prayer, there is a very nice prayer here: Consecrating A Child to the Blessed Virgin Mary | Women of Grace.

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  1. Hi Tiffany! :)

    Thank you for sharing the consecration prayer. :) It's very nice and inspiring!

    By the way, this is Tina of TrulyRichMom. I hope you can make your Keeping Christ in Christmas post live today and send me the link. I'm now compiling all the links for emailing to all the participants.

    Thanks and God bless always!