Saturday, June 1, 2013


In the last year or so the topic of school for our children has been in discussions. Homeschooling has been a big front runner, my husband is all for it, perhaps even my driving force, and I have been timid but willing to try. I have gone through the same thoughts I think everyone goes through: Will I be able to do this? Can I be disciplined enough to keep the kids on task in a loving way? What if I start and I just want to kill myself or my kids (figuratively NOT literally)? What if I FAIL??? Well, I finally came to the conclusion that it is only preschool, but even if it wasn't it is only one year. Probably the best piece of advice I heard is to approach school on a year to year basis. Just because I am homeschooling this year doesn't mean it will be right for our family or that child next year. I knew a family with 10 kids and at one point they had kids in public school, private school, and homeschool. Each child was able to thrive educationally and spiritually in a different environment. I like to keep that in mind and I pray for the wisdom to see my kids as the really are and take care of their need accordingly.

Once I got over that hurdle it was, where to start? I asked around about homeschooling and homeschool groups and I found out there is a great Catholic homeschool group in my area, I am quite excited to join. I googled a lot. Anything I heard about or didn't understand, I googled. I asked veteran homeschoolers. To decide on a curriculum I relied almost exclusivity on veteran homeschoolers' advise. I figure they have tried different thing and at this point I have no idea what I am doing and pretty much every curriculum is going to sound great. Now that I picked my method and curriculum and I am sticking with it, at least for this year. That makes one less thing to worry about. I also picked up some quick reads. In particular I found this book, Ginny's Gems, to be very encouraging and helpful, but also a quick read. Finally, if you are thinking about homeschooling find out if there is a homeschooling conference in your area, they have lots of vendors and talks to listen to, some are free and some are not.

So are you thinking about homeschooling? Are you feeling over whelmed and unsure? Don't worry we all are or did at some point. We worry because we care about our children and the quality of their education, socialization, and their soul. This is a major part of their life and I want to see it unfold, I want to make sure my children are able to reach their potential in their education, their talents, and especially in their faith. Is a teacher with 30 students going to be able to do that? No. Will I be able to do that when I see them for less then half their day? Maybe. Will it be easier if I am beside them, guiding them? Yes and no, but the no's are a labor of love, a cross if I may, that I am picking up and carry with and for Christ.

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