Tuesday, November 19, 2013

How's school?

It's been a while, but what's new? Avid blogger would not be one of my titles. I enjoy it, I just am not very good at sitting down to write. Since my last post was about starting homeschooling I thought I would give an update. (Hoping for a double post tonight.... we'll see).

Well homeschooling has been... ummmm... well... almost non-existent. The reading/writing curriculum I picked out are way to advanced for a first year preschool boy's mom. I got IEW's pal reading and writing. They are awesome, lots of simple games and it makes it fun for the little guy, but there is a lot in one lesson. I'm not sure my son would be able to pay attention that long, which is fine I can break it up, but I totally over whelmed me. So instead I made letter flash card so we can time test letter sounds. I separate what he know from what he doesn't and then we pick one of each for the week. Every so often I remember to ask him each letter sound or we name things that begin with either letter and by the end of the week he remembers the letter he didn't know.

Math happen, but only because my friend and I are doing it together. Tomorrow another friend may join us. For the most part homeschool is nothing like I thought I would be, I don't do it every morning or even most mornings. I'm disappointed I didn't meet my standard but I see where I tried to take on too much in math and reading and not enough in other areas. I'm sure it will progress through the year and hopefully be much better by next year.

If you are floundering, or outright drowning, in your first year I hope you can take comfort in knowing you are not alone.

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